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European Airports Taxi Service and Taxi Antwerp provides professional transportation from the Antwerp region to all national and international destinations. Our drivers are multilingual and have an extensive knowledge of the Belgian road network.

Airport Travel

Both national and international airports

European Airports Taxi Service and Taxi Antwerp specializes in transporting people to their airport of choice. We serve both national and international airports. Reliance on a punctual service is the utmost priority for our customers. We therefore guarantee a flawless service so you can always be assured to catch your flight in time.

  • Airport travel is our core business.
  • You can always rely on a prompt service.
  • Our expertise enables us to better meet your specific needs.
  • Transport from Antwerp region to all airports.
Taxis from region Antwerp

Antwerp is our home base!

European Airports Taxi Service and Taxi Antwerp is based in Antwerp and thus constitutes a strategic base for providing transportation for clients to and from Antwerp Airport. Our drivers are residents in Antwerp making them very familiar with the traffic situation in and around the city.

Even if you need a transfer to the center of Antwerp, do not hesitate to contact us. Through our extensive partner network, we can get you a taxi at any time to transport you to your destination.

Do you stay one or more days in Antwerp? In that case we offer a complete overview of possible whereabouts.

Our Fleet

We drive in modern Mercedes cars with a black exterior and light leather interior. To ensure both your safety and that of our drivers, we spend much time in the maintenance of our fleet. All our leased cars are completely replaced after three years and are getting a monthly maintenance. Since we often drive longer distances this offers the best guarantee for a safe journey.

Our Drivers

European Airports Taxi Service and Taxi Antwerp sets high standards in selecting its drivers to guarantee an optimal service. Our staff can assist you in fluent Dutch, English and at least one additional language. We also make sure that every driver has a thorough knowledge of the Belgian road network. As a result, they can always determine the fastest and most economical route for you to get you to your destination in time.

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